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We are glad you are here.  Please browse the site using the top and side navigation menus to find the information you need.  AOS is one of the original organizations for officials in Illinois and we are here to serve the Illinois Football and Basketball officiating community.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

IHSA Board Meeting, Winter Sports Update – 12/2/2020

In a special board meeting today, the IHSA decided to leave winter sports on hold, at least for now.  In the announcement, IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson said the board has no expectation of starting low risk winter sports prior to January.  Board members also said they intend to evaluate the equity of each season as a potential resumption date in January begins to materialize.  The board is set to meet again on December 14th and will continue to evaluate the situation as it evolves.

It does not appear at this point, there will be any high school basketball games in December.  Each assigner is working closely with the conferences and will communicate any updates as needed.

Click on this link to read the message from the IHSA:

We hope you stay safe and healthy,
The AOS Board

Update from the IHSA – November

Here is the latest update on High School sports from Sam Knox, Assistant Executive Director, IHSA:

We are hopeful that practice starts on Nov. 16 and games start on Nov. 30.  As you know, it’s been a roller coaster week with basketball, and we still have a month to go before games can start.  Stay tuned to see what happens from here.

Our office is learning that some officials might be confused regarding face coverings/masks.

I attached a document that details options and requirements for officials this school year.  We will add more sports to the list when we get to spring and summer.

The officials document is also on the IHSA website.  Officials Guidance

This language for officials in all sports comes directly from the mentioned document.


These requirements are in effect until further notice from the IHSA office.

  • Officials are REQUIRED to use regular whistles (with a cover) or electronic whistles.

This is an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets that come from officials’ whistles.

The whistle cover must be solid black with no lettering or logos.  The color of an electronic whistle doesn’t matter.  Officials can use an electronic whistle in any color. 

  • Officials are REQUIRED to wear face coverings when they are not actively exercising.

Officials must wear face coverings as they enter and exit the school, gym, or field. 

The IHSA prefers that officials wear solid black face coverings with no lettering or logos.

  • Officials are allowed to wear gloves and long sleeves.

Later in the document, you’ll see these specific basketball options and requirements.

Basketball: Face coverings are required when officials enter the gym and throughout the entire pregame, including the pregame conference.

Face coverings are not required when officials are actively officiating on the court. 

Officials may wear gloves and long sleeves.  Officials who choose to wear gloves must wear clear or black gloves.  If officials wear long sleeves under a short-sleeved official’s shirt, the long sleeves must be black.

Officials who need to have a close conversation with someone at the scorer’s table, a coach, a fellow crew member, or anyone else in the gym must wear a face covering during the conversation.

Some associations are ordering masks with the association logo.  That is acceptable.  The IHSA prefers that the masks are black.

Be sure to read the entire document that includes some mechanics changes for this school year – no jump balls, bounce the ball to the thrower in all out-of-bounds situations, etc.

At least one official should carry a coin in case the game goes to overtime.  If the game goes to overtime, a coin toss determines which team gets the first possession of the overtime period. 

This link provides more in-depth details for players, coaches, officials, and game administration.  Basketball Considerations

Please contact a basketball administrator or Sam Knox with additional questions.

AOS Summer Update

Dear AOS Members,

Hopefully, you are all still safe and healthy as we start to get back to normal. The facts and opinions about COVID change daily which makes our job of preparing for the high school season quite a task.

We have to continue to plan our meetings as if the season will happen. There is no timeline as to when the IHSA will let us know when/if there will be Fall or Winter sports. Jim Perkins is organizing the football meetings which will begin on Monday, August 10. Our Spring banquet, which was canceled back in March has been moved to our traditional bridge meeting which will be on September 28 this year. Josh Schroeder is also busy lining up quality basketball meetings which will begin on Monday, October 5.

We hope that the meetings will remain at Hoffman Estates High School. We have the meeting dates reserved, but we are still not cleared to hold the meetings for safety reasons. If we are denied access, we will look at other schools or park district facilities and finally Zoom.

Because of the uncertainty of the season, we have delayed the collection of dues for the time being. As events play out, we will get back to you. We are committed to making this process fair to all of you.

Please mark these important dates on your calendar:

  • IACO Football Meeting – Aug. 8
  • IACO Basketball Meeting – Nov. 7
  • Katzler Golf Outing – June 5, 2021

The AOS is considering a refresh of its logo. As part of that process, we are looking first within our membership for creative people with a graphic arts background that could assist the Board in that process. We are hoping that this expertise would largely be provided on a volunteer basis, however, AOS is prepared to cover some costs associated with the development of a logo. This project is expected to be completed by September 1, 2020. If you are interested, please contact President Jeff Schwarz.

Enjoy your summer and stay healthy!

Your AOS Board

Passing of a former AOS member John Anderson

Message from AOS Football VP Jim Perkins:

I am sad to inform you of the passing of a former AOS member John Anderson. John died unexpectedly at his home on Sunday.

The wake is Friday from 2:00 – 7:00 at Johnson-Nosek Funeral home on 3847 Prairie Ave in Brookfield. We are required to wear masks inside the funeral home.

John started officiating in 1974 and worked over 1,000 games at all levels. John was selected to work six different state championship games, including the 2018 8A state championship. After working the 1992 4A state championship, he filled in during the second half of the 5A state championship after an official from that game was injured. Those circumstances made John the only football official in the state of Illinois to work a total of 6 ½ state championships.

John was an excellent, knowledgeable official who loved the avocation. He was among the first officials to work the BJ position when the IHSA went to five officials and helped to define that position. He was a valued crew mate of mine for the last 21 years and will be greatly missed by all of us.

In lieu of flowers, There are two donation organizations in memory of John:

Project Zero (Prostate Cancer non-profit)
Chick Evans Scholars Foundation (scholarships for youth golfers/caddies)

James C. Perkins
Football VP, AOS

AOS Member Jim Perkins Named IHSA 2019-20 Football Official of the Year

Jim Perkins IHSA Official of the Year

Jim Perkins

The Athletic Officials Service (AOS) Board of Directors is proud to announce the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) has named AOS Member Jim Perkins as the 2019-20 Football Official of the Year.  Perkins joins Jim Glueckert (Football 2015-16) and Bill DePue (Boys Basketball 2016-17) as the third AOS Member to be selected for this prestigious award.

To be considered for this honor, an official must first be nominated by an Officials Association recognized by the IHSA. Perkins was unanimously selected to be nominated by the AOS Board last year. IHSA staff members then vote on the winners based on factors such as character, skill as an official, and levels worked in the IHSA State Series.

Perkins is a three-time downstate Football Official having worked the State Finals in 2005 (Class 4A), 2007 (Class 7A) and 2018 (Class 8A).  He has been officiating Football since 1992 (28 years), been a member of AOS since 1992 where he served as VP of Football and he has not only trained us all at our AOS meetings on numerous occasions, but has also presented at the IHSA Officials Clinic.  Perkins also received the Ed Curtin Award in 2018.

“I am surprised and honored to be the recipient of this award”, Perkins said.  “There are many football officials in the state of Illinois who are highly accomplished and contribute significant time and energy to improve the avocation of officiating.  To be selected as the Official of the Year is humbling and is an award I will cherish the rest of my life.  I am proud to represent AOS in receiving this award.”

AOS Board Member Jim Glueckert said, “Jim is a quality individual and has been an asset to AOS serving as our Football Vice-President and being willing to present as a speaker to the Association when asked.  He takes the position of crew chief and official seriously.  He studies the rules and works well with the area assignment chairman.  Congratulations Jim on an honor well deserved.”

Perkins and the other recipients in the 21 other IHSA sports will be recognized at a banquet during the 2020 IHSA Officials Conference, which will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2020 at the Normal Community West High School.

“Thank you to all IHSA officials who dedicate their time and talent to high school athletics in Illinois,” said IHSA Assistant Executive Director and Officials Department administrator Sam Knox. “We understand that these individuals do not officiate for awards or recognition, but it remains a very special tradition for the IHSA to be able to honor its Officials of the Year. Congratulations to these deserving individuals!”

Special Football Meeting Speaker


Legendary Officiating Authority Bill LeMonnier, ESPN Rules Analyst, Big 10 Referee/Crew Chief talks with AOS Members at our regular football meeting.


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