Football News

Football News

Football Meeting Highlights – 8/27/18

We hope you enjoyed our exam review session on Monday.  Remember, use the exam as a guide to your rule study.  We hope you also use the rule references to deepen your understanding of the game.  Always be learning to be a great official!

As a reminder, get your HUDL requests in now for your games this week.  Send your requests to  We need the date of the game, the teams who played (home-visitor) and the members of your crew who need to be able to review the clips.  Note:  We can only share video with officials who are members of a HUDL participating association such as AOS.

Remember, our meeting is on Wednesday, 9/5 since Monday is a holiday.  Tim Kiefer will be our guest.

Football Meeting Highlights – 8/20/18

Football Board Member Jim Glueckert reminded us that if your crew is scheduled to work a Varsity contest this Friday, you should be ready with your Saturday Crew availability.  Thunderstorms are in the forecast and some games could be postponed due to inclement weather.  Your first responsibility is to the school where you were originally scheduled.  Communicate your availability with the AD to see if your crew can officiate the rescheduled game.  If your game goes off as planned, some assigners may be looking for available crews on Saturday to work other contests that were postponed.

Membership chairman Dave Lopshire shared updated information about AOS membership and information from the IHSA Summer Officials Conference.  Click Here to see the Presentation.

Dave will also be coordinating the HUDL Video Requests this year.  Be sure to send your Video Requests to  We need all the members of your crew and your game schedule as soon as possible.  You can also see the suggested game card information in Dave presentation above.

Finally, longtime AOS Member Ralph Kubek shared information about how his crew has gained a lot of success and their journey to working the IHSA Football State Finals Last Year.  Click Here to see the Presentation.

Don’t forget to test your rules knowledge on the AOS Play of the Week.

See you next week, Monday, August 27th at 7:00pm.  We will review the IHSA Part One Football Exam.

Football Meeting Highlights – 8/13/18

Hoffman Estates High School will be holding their 2018 Football Scrimmage on Thursday, August 16th at 6:00pm.  AOS Member Les Greenberg will be leading the Officiating Crew.  If you would like to come out and work the scrimmage please contact Les at for details.

Thank you to AOS Board Member, CSL Football Assigner and IHSA Football Rules Interpreter Jim Glueckert and West Suburban Conference Football Assigner Dennis Doyle for their insights for the upcoming season.

Don’t forget to test your rules knowledge on the AOS Play of the Week.

See you next week, Monday, August 20th at 7:00pm.  Our topics will include Ralph Kubek and his Crew’s journey to the State Finals in 2017.

Crew Availability

Please remember to communicate your availability for the 2018 Football Season.  Click here to email Jim Glueckert with the dates you are available to work.