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2022 AOS Football Season Reminder

Reminder – We are returning to In-Person Meetings for Football at Hoffman Estates High School on Mondays from 7 PM to 8:30 PM beginning August 15th. We will be offering Level 2 Clinic credit for attending 4 out of 6 meetings.

We have a great line-up of Presenters and topics.  Please make every effort to attend our meetings.

8/15/22 – Jim Glueckert – 2022 Rule Changes and Jeff Carr – Big 10 Official
8/22/22 –  On Field with Position Breakout (Football Field Weather Permitting)
8/29/22 – Exam Review and Jeff Conrad – State Final Official/Clinician
9/6/22 – (Tuesday) Rick Karhiker – IHSA Head Football Clinician
9/12/22 – Jeff Otterby – IHSA and D3 Official
9/19/22 – Head Coaches Roundtable Discussion
9/26/22 – Bridge Meeting with Sam Knox – IHSA Assistant Executive Director

If you haven’t done so yet, please schedule a scrimmage to work before the actual season begins.  We have five (5) Conference Assignors in our Association, namely, Jim Glueckert, Ken Kesseler, John Bosco, John Ferlito and Bill Orris.

Please communicate to any potential new members and encourage them to join our group. Potential members may attend meetings the first year without paying dues.  Click here for the membership application.

There are still numerous Level 2 Clinics available, posted on the IHSA website.  Click here for more information.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding our Association, please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Best wishes for the upcoming season. Football will soon be upon us!

John Jakobsze
AOS VP Football

Football Rules Changes – 2022

By NFHS on February 17, 2022

1-2-3g NOTES 3. (NEW): Team Box May Be Extended By State Association Adoption
By state association adoption, the team box may now be extended beyond the 25-yard line.

1-3-3: Ball May Be Changed Between Downs
Any game official may order the ball changed between downs.

1-4-3: The Number “0” Is Now Legal
The single digit number “0” is now a legal number.

2-3-8: A Chop Block Has Been Redefined
A chop block has been redefined as an illegal combination block where contact is made above and below the waist.

3-4-7: Clarified The Offended Team’s Game Clock Options
Clarified the offended team’s game clock options following a foul committed with less than two minutes remaining in either half.

3-6-1a(1)e EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception To The Play Clock Administration
Added a new exception to the play clock administration following a foul committed only by the defensive team.

7-5-2 EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception For The Passer
Added a new exception that allows the passer to legally throw the ball away to conserve yardage.


2-28-2; 5-2-4; 6-2-6; 10-2-2; 10-2-3; FOOTBALL FUNDAMENTALS – VII-2, X-3-E


  1. Targeting / Defenseless Player
  2. Legal Uniforms and Equipment
  3. Sportsmanship

HUDL Video Requests

Any official who requests a video share from a school on HUDL must be a member of a participating Officials Association such as AOS. The requests are handled through the crew chiefs.

If you are a crew chief, please click here to email us with the names of your crew and your 2022 Football Game Schedule. Please do not screen shot arbiter and send it to us. That means we have to manually enter each game and crew members. Please send us a list either typed out or exported into excel.

For your schedule, we just need the Game Date, Home School and Visiting School. For crew members, we need Name and Email Address.

If you are not a crew chief and your crew chief is a member of a participating Officials Organization, they should handle video requests through their organization. If your crew chief or anyone on your crew is not a member of such an organization, we would be happy to send them a membership application to AOS.

Please do not share usernames and passwords. HUDL does not take this procedure lightly and will revoke membership if their rules are not followed. If you have any questions, just email us.

You should also advise both head coaches that Suburban Officials will be requesting video of their game.  You can use a game card to hand to both coaches.  Click here for an example of the game card.  You should include the following information on your notification to the coaches:

School: Suburban Officials
Team: Boys Varsity Football
{crew chief name} will be requesting a one-way video exchange. Please include ODK and Down/Distance as well as all camera angles.

We are looking forward to a great season and being able to use this very valuable tool to help us all get better at officiating.