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AOS 2023-24 Meetings Complete

We have concluded our Basketball meetings for the 23-24 season.  You can find content from these meetings in the knowledge base section of each sport.

Look for announcements on upcoming basketball social nights throughout the season.

If you need information about AOS, please click here to email us.

Basketball Rules Changes – 2023-24

By NFHS on June 28, 2023

2-1-3 NOTE (NEW): Requires the shot clock operator to sit at the scorer’s and timer’s table, if using a shot clock.

Rationale: Establishes the placement of the shot clock operator for those states utilizing the shot clock and the growing use of video boards that allow tablet control from anywhere in the gym.

3-4-5: Requires uniform bottoms on teammates to be like-colored while allowing different styles of uniform bottoms among teammates.

Rationale: Clarifies that teammates must all wear like-colored uniform bottoms but may wear multiple styles while aligning language with other NFHS rules codes.

3-5-6: Allows undershirts worn under visiting team jerseys to be black or a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey. All teammates wearing undershirts must wear the same solid color.

Rationale: Allows schools with hard-to-find colors to wear black under visiting team jerseys while continuing to require all team members to match.

4-8-1: Eliminates the one-and-one for common fouls beginning with the seventh team foul in the half and establishes the bonus as two free throws awarded for a common foul beginning with the team’s fifth foul in each quarter and resets the fouls at the end of each quarter.

Rationale: Improves flow by providing an opportunity for teams to adjust their play by not carrying over fouls from quarters 1 and 3 to quarters 2 and 4 while significantly reducing the opportunity for correctable errors to occur. Minimizes risk of injury by eliminating the one-and-one and reducing opportunities for rough play during rebounding opportunities.

7-5-2 thru 4: Establishes four throw-in spots (the nearest 28-foot mark along each sideline or the nearest spot 3-feet outside the lane line on the end line) when a team gains or retains possession in their frontcourt after the opponent commits a violation, a common foul prior to the bonus, or the ball becomes dead (i.e. inadvertent whistle or a held ball).

Rationale: Simplifies throw-in procedure when a team gains or retains possession for situations other than an out-of-bounds throw-in.

7-6-6: Allows the official administering a throw-in to the wrong team to correct the mistake before the first dead ball after the ball becomes live unless there is a change of possession.

Rationale: Allows for a correction of an official’s mistake in a more reasonable timeframe.

9-3-3: Establishes that a player may step out of bounds without penalty unless they are the first player to touch the ball after returning to the court or if they left the court to avoid a violation.

Rationale: Allows a player to step out of bounds if they gain no advantage and penalizes a team only if they gain an advantage by leaving the court and returning to avoid a violation or to be the first to touch the ball.

2023-24 Basketball Editorial Changes

2-1-1, 4-3-2, 4-19-13, Shot Clock Guidelines

2023-24 Basketball Points of Emphasis

Uniforms, Equipment and Apparel
Bench Decorum
Throw-Ins – Proper Locations

HUDL Video Requests – Basketball

Any official who requests a video share from a school on HUDL must be a member of a participating Officials Association such as AOS.

If you are an AOS Member and would like a HUDL video of a game, please click here to email us with the game details including:

  • Date
  • Home Team
  • Visitors
  • Level (Varsity, JV, etc.). Please note, we do not have much success with obtaining lower level games.
  • Officials names and their email address

Please do not screen shot arbiter and send it to us. That means we have to manually enter each game and crew members. Please send us the information typed out in the email.

We can only share the video with those officials who are members of a participating officials association.  If any of the officials working the game is not a member of such an organization, we would be happy to send them a membership application to AOS.

Please do not share usernames and passwords. HUDL does not take this procedure lightly and will revoke membership if their rules are not followed. If you have any questions, just email us.

You should also advise both head coaches that Suburban Officials will be requesting video of their game.

We are looking forward to a great season and being able to use this very valuable tool to help us all get better at officiating.